• Moslem Aeeni M.Sc. of Dramatic Literature, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Department of Drama


In this research, we have tried to introduce the familiar components for a better understanding of new and innovative ways of writing plays by the author. As it is already regarded to the points and elements, the fundamental question arises as to “why” and “how” and with what qualities the poetry plays in the face of postmodernism and its basic components having semantic and formal qualities. These plays usually occur either in the family or about the family and collapse of this family system. In some cases, it represents the human condition of postmodernism and the present world. Shepard challenges and criticizes the family and context of this family system which gives rise to a new look at the realism and the field of dramatic literature at the end. After reviewing these issues, the components of semantic and forming postmodernism in the Sam Shepard’ plays is introduced and completely recognized. we will find the findings and achievements in this study by collecting the main approaches of this research, alongside. Then we will comment on them. The influence of postmodernism in the plays of Shepard is very visible and touchable. So, many of these factors are directly or indirectly associated with Shepard’s dramatic works. By reviewing relative familiarities with postmodernism and its components, we will understand it well. Thus, we can see them in this research for assembling the form and semantic components of postmodernism in Shepard plays, and we will be able to divide them into three broad categories.


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Shepard's playwriting is quite decadent is seeking transformation and novelty in art and literature, and of course the dramatic developments in contemporary theater of the world, that Shepard, in turn, is one of the most influential individual. Shepard's dramatic works have other shaped, semantic and refractive and content components that includes in the confrontation with other intellectual, cultural and philosophical currents, and these works can be studied and evaluated due to having the different characteristics with the currents and schools such as: surrealism, magical realism, gothic, modern, etc.

A comparative study of each of the plays with each other and other play writers that are the same aged with Shepard is indispensable and valuable.

Socio-political and cultural backgrounds affecting European and American playwriters and their differences and similarities is a worthwhile and difficult research, and for example, Shepard's work can be compared with Samuel Beckett or Tom Stopard.

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