• Arezu Jahanshir 1- PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics, Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2-Assistant Professor & Faculty Member, Department of Engineering Sciences & Physics, BZT University, Iran


In this work, the structural properties of B-meson molecules have been calculated within the cluster model and harmonic oscillator representation method while the bound state properties have been calculated using quanto-molecular type potential, which is able to describe and calculate the mass and energy spectra of multi-cluster colored particles. From our results, the obtained mass spectra of hadron molecules show that the bonding states of meson-meson state is mainly contributed by two hadronic clusters like chemical molecule that contained two atoms. These hadronic clusters can be same and also can be different that partially formed by the meson-meson, baryon-baryon and meson-baryon. The obtained result calculations for BB-meson systems show an excellent agreement when compared with available experimental data and theoretical which have used different methods.



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