Kseniya E. Kovalenko, Anna I. Rozentsvaig, Anna V. Gubareva


The end of the Cold War and the bipolar world order caused a lot of controversial questions about the nature of relations between states in the formation of a new international law and order. One of the fundamental tasks facing the international community is the need to increase respect for the rule of law in international as well as domestic life. Solving global problems requires increasing the level of controllability of the international system. Awareness of this task is gradually reflected in political thinking. Its relevance is emphasized in the acts of both international organizations and states. However, based on the realities of the political situation, we have to admit that the practical solution to the problem of increasing the level of control is slower than is required at the present stage. The concept and legal nature of the state’s responsibility for internationally wrongful acts.

Palabras clave

State, international law, responsibility, international organizations.

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