Julia A. Novikova, Kseniya E. Kovalenko


The article dwells upon issues arising as a result of dissolution of labor contract by agreement of the parties, due to lack of provisions of the definition of such agreement, its compulsory and supplementary conditions as well as the form of the agreement in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The authors analyse legal views of general jurisdiction courts and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on the grounds for termination of labor contract, considers the scientists’ positions on the same point set out in legal literature. On the basis of general legal concepts of agreement, provisions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation of such agreement, general principles of labor law, procedure of entry into legal force of a labor contract, the said agreement is defined as a universal reason for termination of a labor contract, which is willful stipulated deed of the parties on a stated date reduced to writing. The article also settles down obligation of certain conditions of agreement for termination of labor contract, proposes specific variants of supplementary conditions of the agreement, indicates criteria, which any supplementary conditions of such agreement shall comply with.

Palabras clave

Agreement on termination of labor contract, its conditions and form, supplementary guarantees and compensations for dismissed employees.

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