Anna V. Gubareva, Ekaterina Y. Gaevskaya, Kseniya E. Kovalenko, Olga V. Vagina


In the current conditions of the development of municipal relations, the right to own land acquires more and more turnover in the sphere of local self-government.  A legal fact or, more often, the actual composition is the initial basis for the emergence of the right of municipal property to a plot of land. Municipal ownership of land is also a system of relations for the appropriation of land by the population of municipalities. Along with state ownership of land, municipal ─ a kind of public property. The right of municipal property to land is the exclusive right of local communities to exercise the powers of possession, use, disposal and other legal powers of the owner in relation to lands. Both directly and through local governments, municipal enterprises, institutions and organizations. Law scholars note the existence of a dualistic nature of municipal property that combines features of state and group ownership.

Palabras clave

municipality, ownership, land, contract, law.

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