Kseniya E. Kovalenko, Nataliya E. Kovalenko, Anna V. Gubareva


In the educational process a lecturer is always searching for forms of knowledge transfer, allowing students to understand them thoroughly and permanently. Today passive, active and interactive forms of interaction between lecturer and student are recognized. The passive form of knowledge transfer is the most basic one, when a lecturer is the only person managing the educational process. This is form of the classic lectures, when lecturer communicates with the audience without interaction with students on the specific theme. The usage of passive form is possible during practical seminars, when lecturer conducts testing survey of students, conducts individual tests. The passive form is criticized as ineffective. The interactive method of communication between teacher and students is thought to be a kind of active method. But, in recent time, due to the emergence of a variety of interactive methods, interactive method is identified as an independent one.  The interactive training develops analytical and creative abilities of individuals, promotes optimal digestion new information and retaining old. While using interactive methods, all students must be involved in the educational process, bringing their individual contribution. In the end of the seminar students must be given guidance and information for consideration. Each student should realize what he or she has learnt, what skills have formed.

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Social development, Student, Education, Teacher, Communication.

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