Hosein Salehi Azad, Amir Abbas Heydari


In transmission of information from one place to other place such as computer network or sending information between different components of a computer system, it is possible that information be changed in the way because of presence of electromagnetic waves and thousands of other reasons.  One of the ways to deal with the noises in communication channels and storage systems is to use code control errors. Reed Solomon code is one of the most famous kind of these codes. So the aim of the present study is to simulate Reed Solomon encoder according to G 709. This paper presents an implementation for the encoder and the decoder of optical communication systems, according to the ITU-T G.709 standard. It presents an approach that multiplexes the traditional decoder blocks. The implementation promotes an expressive area reduction in an FPGA. It also presents the circuit implementation in a Virtex 5 FPGA, using software Xilinx ISE 10.1 tools.

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simulation, Reed Solomon, G 709, Decoder.

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